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A collection of curiosities.

Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign War medal of a Chief’s profile,

Ancient Peruvian merit medal first prize,

A vintage compass made in France,

1959  1st place long jump medal from Surrey,

“Ride ‘em cowboy” Fob,

Byer Transportation return key fob.

Some things are connected and some are not.

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A relic from Peru (1) is both timeless and new.

This Belgian nouveau medal (2) is cause for celebration…

as is the Belgian piece commissioned by Prince Albert for efforts in the Congo created (1909) in commemoration (3/4).

The Yellowood trail is remembered with a buck (5).

First Prize is a stellar affair with this Peuruvian treasure (6) for merit rather than luck.

A reminder of the 1939 Golden Gate Exposition (7/8) causes one to reflect on the beginnings of Treasure Island.

Found in Monterey, this jackknife (9) must have been one memorable dive…

As was the Peruvian student honored in this silver prize (10).


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A custom cow from Belgium.

A chief found in Chicago, a birthday gift to myself!

Finally, “show”ing off in Oakland with new displays…

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A turn of the century compass will guide us to a many an adventure.

The second medal honors the Uruguay France School for the orphans of World War I with a timeless image of a young girl sewing by the famed French medal maker Pautot.

A Early twentieth century  Bronze Royal Scots Fusiliers King’s crown boxing medal (Is that a mouthful?)  commemorates the memory of a victor from so long ago.

Our final narrative features an unmarked medal found in Uruguay featuring a bicycle race in ornate deco form. Perhaps you have earned your name engraved on the back?

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Some medals commemorate A day in the ring ~

Others a day on the shore ~

A key to a door ~

A rooster for pride and for conduct like never before…

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A vintage girl scout compass has led me to many odd finds including a beautiful new book from the Sebastopol flea market!

An old friend has come to model a vintage Revolver Association medal. Loads of hunting and gun medals are making their way out of my collection.  Of peculiar interest is the Napa Rifle and Revolver Club in the sixth and seventh images~ I love the chief’s portrait.

Please check in again soon to see images of my ever expanding nineteenth century Fraternal medals and badges.

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The first series of Archery inspired pieces were made as a Valentine’s theme of work.

This beautiful equestrian medal was found in Paris.

The silver mother medal was awarded in celebration of motherhood and was granted by the French Minister of the Interior for successfully raising large families.

The starburst Al Merito medal is from Peru and is quite a stunning piece.

I came across the vintage red lock in Cambria recently and thought it was sweet~ and would make a darling Valentine’s gift.

The gold plated cross and wreath medal is a bit of a mystery to me. It is from Canada and the engraving is written in Italian? The piece is dated 1892.

And for inspiration I present a little collection I purchased last year in Petaluma~

All the best to you and please return soon to see what I’ve been up to!

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By now you can tell I’m a hunter… this extended Winter morning I am relishing in the shiny glow of my exquisite new finds…

This necklace is home to the most beautiful medal I have ever come across. This French accolade was awarded to mothers of large families in 1920.

What a beautiful thing to nationally recognize the honor of motherhood link.

The front of the piece hosts a young woman holding a nest with birds encircling her, a banner near the top features a multitude of children playing.

The reverse has thorny branches reaching in a circular pattern to cradle the nest of two love birds.

My photos do no justice to this well earned treasure.